Below are artworks in progress, created during the Luminous Bodies residency.

For images of the final artworks exhibited at the end of the residency visit:


Tegan Smith stitched a video from collaborative photographs shot along Toronto’s 11,000 year-old historic shoreline

01 02 03

Inspired by magazine beauty ads, Samantha Staves drew with human hair to shake up notions around gender, beauty and power

04 05 06

Elaine Stewart created collages and paintings that grapple with issues of postpartum psychosis and a resulting physical disability

07 09 08

Jesika Joy melded performative photography and self-portraiture into a painting that explores power and vulnerability

10 12 11

Cyanotypes, an 1840’s photographic blueprint process, inspired Alisdair MacRae to explore bodily experiences of social space

13 14 15

Using claymation, Emma Eichner brought to life her loveable, yet grotesque, protagonist “Eek”

16 17 18