The following is a list of references, including some that came out of discussions with artists in the residency.


Arts for Everyone

Art Objects


The Body as Socially Constructed and as the Site and Vehicle for Meaning

The Body, Culture and Society; An Introduction

Body/Embodiment: Symbolic Interaction and the Sociology of the Body

The Body and Society



Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak


Race and Politics of Representation

Kara Walker interview

Sandra Brewster

Identity Politics and Racism

Visualizing Race, Identity and Change

Camille Turner

Nona Faustine


The Body in Nature, and Fluids

Amy Greenfield

Carolee Schneemann


Abjectness and the Body

Insoon Ha

Kiki Smith

Jennifer Linton

Sally Raab


Body Collages

Wangechi Mutu

Dominique Rey

Wangechi Mutu


Body Drawings

Betty Goodwin

Stuart Ried


Body Sculptures,  and Trauma

Louise Bourgeois


Body Exhibitions

Body Language

From Life

The Flesh of the World


The Body in Performance Art

Patty Chang

Stefani Celine


The Body and the Mirror

Lacan’s Mirror Stage

Patty Chang


Feminism and Image Culture

Carla Rice

Rachel Maclean

Micheline Durocher

Casey Jenkins

Pussy Riot


The Gaze

Female Gaze in pop culture

male nipple template meme


Process Art, Erasure

No Medium

Tannis Monkman Nielson



Male privilege from Trans guy’s perspective

Complicated Calculus of Feminism for Men

Thin Priviledge


Embodiment in Photography

Chantal Gervais

Nichola Feldman-Kiss


The Body, it’s Limits, Objects and Humour

Micheline Durocher



Strangers, Monsters and Gods


Portraits of Strangers 

Heather Hagborg (portraits from DNA)
Levi Mandel (crumpled portraits)
Candice Britz (photos of fans/cults & other conceptual portraiture)


*Resources from 2014 residency

*Resources from 2013 residency