The following is a list of references that arise out of discussions with artists in the residency. For past references visit the links at the bottom of this page.

NeSpoon’s laceworks in public spaces

The Ivory Mirror: The Art of Mortality in Renaissance Europe

Do Artists Need to Leave Africa to be Successful: Interview with Zanele Muholi

Yvonne Rainer: “from choreography to cinema”

Joseph Beuys’ figures, landscapes, and animals

David Frankovich’s use of glitter and shine in performance art

Johannes Zits fabric collages and performances with clothing

Canadian Lesbian and Gay archives

NeSpoon’s laceworks in public spaces

Stefani Celine’s nylons stuffed with sand

Feminine surreal imagery of Julia Both that both reclaims and subverts

Colour Field painting’s yearning to express transcendence and the infinite

Jennifer Linton’s collages of historic artifacts

Marc Quinn’s marble sculptures

How social change actually happens: through the body

Saini Manninen’s dust works

Laurie Anderson’s use of text in Chalkroom

the unconscious mind, words, art and the body by Julia Kristiva  … and first chapter of “Psychoanalysis and Modernity

Nona Faustine’s White Shoe series

Aurora King’s honest and poetic female nudes

Francesca Woodman. On Being an Angel

photographed objects that appear erotic



Past Resources

*Resources from 2016 residency

*Resources from 2015 residency

*Resources from 2014 residency

*Resources from 2013 residency