The following are documents of art in progress, with artists in their studios and specific sites.

Laura Gildner creating a participatory action-based event specific to Toronto Island.

Lou Eberhard creating self portraits of his transgender body by merging it with aspects of the natural world.

Hayla Ragland using intermedia methodologies to explore relationships between habit and healing.

Katarina Marinic exploring bodily boundaries through a phantasmagorical installation of light and shadow.

Sam Kasirer-Smibert seeking to normalize invisible disability by creating a space for viewers to experience sensorial deficiencies.

Holly Edwards using a variety of media to explore the human figure as it transitions from urban to island.

Derek Brueckner re-imagining the human body through video of past paricitatory performances.

Guen Montgomery exploring the nature of truth, doublethink and dichotomies.

Lily Halton creating an eerie wallpaper of unheard voices using image, ink, drawing and stitching.

Alicia Proudfoot combining her asthma medical records with steam turbine oil filters into an interactive installation, during Luminous Bodies.

Corrie Hosking considering the complication of writing the body, during her residency at Luminous Bodies.

Carly Terreson exploring how movement action and making lends to self care and reflection within female existence.

Jill Smith exploring relationships between body, material, and form through a nonsensical and uncanny lens.

Brigitte Baillargeon sketching relationships between the human body and consciousness.

Karen Sztajnberg generating a photo/video project addressing the conspicuous shortage of male nudes at large.