The following is a document of the Luminous Bodies exhibition and open studio. Click on the images to view larger sizes.

Sarah Bending

01Luminous Bodies_01

01Luminous Bodies_02

01Luminous Bodies_03
Alexis Bulman

01Luminous Bodies_04

01Luminous Bodies_05

01Luminous Bodies_06
Marbella Carlos

01Luminous Bodies_08

01Luminous Bodies_10

01Luminous Bodies_11
Maude Deslauriers

01Luminous Bodies_12

01Luminous Bodies_14

01Luminous Bodies_15
Lewis Durrant

01Luminous Bodies_16

01Luminous Bodies_17
Nadya Fedotova

01Luminous Bodies_18

01Luminous Bodies_19a

Lindsay Fisher

01Luminous Bodies_20

01Luminous Bodies_21

01Luminous Bodies_22
Teresa Fulker

01Luminous Bodies_23

01Luminous Bodies_24
Rosie Harvey-Otway

01Luminous Bodies_25

01Luminous Bodies_26

01Luminous Bodies_27
Jessica Hayes and Chris Altorf

01Luminous Bodies_28

01Luminous Bodies_29

01Luminous Bodies_30
Paige Madden

01Luminous Bodies_33 01Luminous Bodies_33a
Carley McHenry

01Luminous Bodies_34

01Luminous Bodies_35
Sharon Norwood

01Luminous Bodies_36

01Luminous Bodies_37
Iriz Pääbo

01Luminous Bodies_38

01Luminous Bodies_39

01Luminous Bodies_40
Chris Simonite

01Luminous Bodies_41