Lewis Durrant

Lewis Durrant

The urge to my abstraction is an ultimate desire to engage with our world; my life and aesthetics. Through utilising line, form and colour I am showcasing oil paint in all of its glory. I exercise the medium in a dynamic manor: using the brush and palette knife to apply thick and thin consistencies with momentary bursts of splattered and sprayed paint evident on the large-scaled surface. Through this approach I leave a visible trace of my hand’s journey across the canvas. My personal mark is then the product of the event of the painting. I construct a hierarchy amongst the forms in the painting; some stand alone- giving them space to breathe- resulting in attracting the viewer’s eye. By embodying the current feelings and themes of my life into the lines and forms which construct the piece; I ultimately feel I am living through my paintings.

Through a recent term of studies at Central Academy of Fine Arts China in Beijing, my everyday schedule became that of undertaking life-drawing classes. With my practice focusing on the abstract – this was out of my ‘comfort zone’. Pursuing the classes saw a development in my sketching and figure-sketching skills. Through this process, I found a grand beauty in the female form. It is of pure wonderment and aesthetic interest.

As a cis-gendered male, I am now also for the first time curious in challenging myself with the female form from cultural perspectives. I want to explore what is shaping my personal views of female beauty. During the Luminous Bodies residency, I will experiment by sketching and later by transforming my drawings into formally and conceptually engaging paintings.


Lewis Durrant explores the world of painting through playing and abstracting its conventions. He holds a B.A. in Fine Art from Kingston University in London. He is an emerging artist with group and solo exhibitions in England and China. He currently lives in London, United Kingdom.