Kyrae Cowan

Kyrae Cowan

Kyrae CowanThe bridge of compassion between black man and white woman, is another trial of cases. My partner is a white woman and my pride of Woman is first attributed to the black Matriarch I was raised in. I am interested in wise development of ideas by local experience and rich discussion, but also the ignorance we may acknowledge via our still privileged positions, man or white perspectively. The wonder about such a unified bond between the subjected black man in love and his dear white woman partner may cast a variety of colours to properly illuminate this scenario. An important element about the production of my work is my choice for environmentally safe pigments and paint form. Some of my work, set in natural landscape, is quite critical of the environmental climate of a particular landscape. The conversation is a given concern of mine, so my medium is a natural tempera. Supplemental material and tools generally come from the landscape itself. The work is most commonly implemented in guerrilla manner.

For Luminous Bodies, I will work with video and painted sketching. I will aim to extract the romantic beauty of the island’s landscapes and what may be devastating within it. I will compliment the scene with a human figure. I may explore concepts of insecurity related to the black male body, and a cynicism about the actual likeness across bodies of various races. 


I was born in Queens, New York and transplanted to the suburbs of Baltimore for adolescence, all the while raised by my family of women. I enjoy to cook and prepare fine cuisine for myself and others, dream to have a garden(as many painters had), and I am most expressive by painting and drawing.  In a devotional love with a german american woman, I recognize plenty of missed opportunity and understanding across cultural, sexual and racial bounds. Beyond the insecurity about our very interconnected earth, I am a man who can appreciate the security in a small collaborative community.  I have completed a BFA at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in 2013, in Washington DC and have been living in the political capital of the United States since 2009.

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