Photos of the Closing Exhibition!

Guen Montgomery’s politically bright and humorous performance.

Jill Smith’s paper-bolded discoveries.

Alicia Proudfoot performing breath work with sound sculpture inside the greenhouse.

Derek Brueckner’s maze of mirrored selfies.

Sam Kasirer-Smibert’s two-handed left brain / right brain painting.

Corrie Hosking’s experiential journal of flora and sensations.

Holly Edwards’ tall woman of sky and earth.

Agnieszka Forfa’s listening pieces continue to listen inside a large empty room.

Lou Eberhard’s translucent and fluid pieces descended upon viewers.

Katarina Marinic’s shadowed feminine creatures.

Carly Terreson’s wall-size women embracing.

Brigitte Baillargeon’s dreamy pieces.

Hayla Ragland’s laboriously unravelled and re-worked pieces.

Lily Halton’s psycho-feminist wallpaper.

Laura Gildner’s mesmerizing and humorous mating ritual ballet … with Alicia Proudfoot’s piano accompaniment.